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Orth Trust

In 1993 Hillcrest (formerly known as Hillcrest Washington Youth Home) was left an endowment from Alfred E. Orth. Judge Lensing created a court order to oversee the funds and the administration of those funds to ensure that the intent of the endowment was upheld.

Per the court order, the primary purpose of the trust “is to provide a benefit to the children who are or have been residents of the Hillcrest Washington Youth Home. This purpose shall be fulfilled by providing an opportunity for education and training that might not otherwise be available to them.”

All current or past residents of Hillcrest are eligible to receive funding for educational purposes; having to have stayed at least one (1) overnight.

The applicant should complete the appropriate application (see below) and submit the completed document along with a copy of a photo ID and Social Security card to the CEO for processing. The Advisory Committee will meet and make an appropriate decision regarding the request made by the applicant.

Alfred H. Orth Scholarship Application Form – Request for Less Than $500.00.
Alfred H. Orth Scholarship Application Form – Request for More Than $500.00.

Please complete the appropriate application and print/mail to the address listed on the form. You can also email completed forms directly to Jim Ward, CEO.