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Hillcrest Youth Services will be following the most recent guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in an effort to keep our staff and all those that we serve safe.  Our leadership team monitors the weekly averages for positive cases published by the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) for Vanderburgh County.  Based on those averages Hillcrest will operate based on a color coding system with predetermined steps to be taken in an attempt to ensure overall safety to our staff and those that we serve.  Our color system is made up of Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red; with each pertaining to specific ranges of positive cases.  Each door to our buildings on campus will have a sign posted displaying the specific color that we are operating under, and will have some important precautions mentioned.

Please feel free to contact us directly to inquire about our current COVID Color Zone status, as we are more than happy to provide answers and support 24 hours a day in an effort to make your interaction with Hillcrest the best that it can be.  You may reach us by calling 812-428-0698.


  • Wash your hands frequently with warm to hot water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitizer if you can’t wash.
  • Cover your coughs, with a tissue if possible, throw the tissue away immediately, and wash your hands.
  • Try to maintain a social distance from others; 6 ft. is the ideal spacing between people.
  • Be mindful of touching your face without washing your hands.

Coming Soon

We will be posting latest news and other information about our organization using our blog.  More to come very soon!